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Non-Immigration Adjustment of Status and Family-Based Green Card Application

The client Hongyan Ma commented,"I was recently informed by Causey & Ye Law that I passed the green card interview. I was very excited. There were not enough words to express my gratefulness to the law firm. I was lucky to have Causey & Ye Law by my side these last two years since I arrived in the U.S. They played an important role in my happy life. At first, I had waited three months for the application of the adjustment of my son's status to F-2. I hesitated when I called Attorney Ye to consult her. She told me that she was very busy but she would make inquiries to USCIS about my application. My son was very upset about transferring school. That's why I really hoped Attorney Ye could help me accelerate the process of changing status. She comforted and helped me when I needed the help most as an anxious mother, although this was not a part of her job as an Attorney. She made me feel warm and kind as we were both Chinese. With her help, my son was admitted by his dream-school at the beginning of the second year. Since then, as a mother, I confirmed Attorney Ye's incredible professional abilities and kindness to people. I met my current husband and married him in the second year. My husband and son wanted me to stay in the U.S. with them. I contacted Attorney Ye immediately. After a brief intake consultation, I met her at the office in Downtown Des Moines. She gave us a detailed list of documents that we needed to prepare for a green card petition. She also suggested that we prepare documents for my son's petition so that he could apply it later. With my previous experience with the law firm, I completely trusted her and followed her instructions. Then I went to the fingerprint appointment, received my Employment Authorization Card and passed the final interview. Attorney Ye gave us a one-hour mock interview and checked with us many times to make sure we were ready, and documents were complete. She even went to the interview with us. During the interview, she was sitting behind me. She helped me answer some questions when I was too nervous to phrase my words because of my English-speaking skills. I couldn't thank her more at that moment. According to my two cases, I understood that Causey & Ye Law had excellent professional abilities. Their process of service, the speed of processing cases and submissions, following up a case and final feedback was great. I could feel each of their staff was working hard and serving clients with passion. I heard they had a couple of branch offices in other cities to help the local Chinese. I was happy for them. I felt proud to have such an excellent Chinese Attorney in the community. I hope Causey & Ye Law's business can thrive and their cases will be successful. I hope every Chinese can think of Attorney Ye when they need help. She is the pride of the Chinese community! Thank you for your help. I am really grateful to Causey & Ye Law!”

【Successful Case Share】

Successfully Withdraw a Case of Illegal Drug Possession and DUI, and Successfully Avoided Deportation

The client, a student from Johnson County commented, “I would like to thank Causey & Ye Law. They successfully helped me win the trial. In my difficult moment, they gave me the most professional advice and guidance so that I could be calm and confident to deal with my case. I got out of the situation successfully. Thank you again, Causey & Ye Law.”  

【Posted by Student C 

from the University of Iowa 】

I thank Attorney Ye very much for her complete assistance. Attorney Ye is a trustworthy and efficient lawyer, and she charges a reasonable fee. Due to my urgent need to return to China, Causey & Ye Law P.L.L.C. helped me deal with the case very quickly. They have maintained frequent and effective communication with the local courts, exchanging case information with prosecutors in real time  

【Posted by Mrs. Yan in New Orleans 】

We arrived on the U.S. in May of 2015. We had no relatives, and we had no knowledge about immigration. The Chinese Association of Iowa introduced us to Attorney Ye. After several meetings with Attorney Ye, I found that she was very honest and strict. I finally decided to hire Attorney Ye to be our immigration Attorney. When my immigration documents were prepared, Attorney Ye was very patient and she provided me with legal advice. She reviewed my files carefully. She highlighted key issues and clearly presented the facts to me. During this period, Attorney Ye not only was patient but also efficient. It only took her three months to submit my files to USCIS, from the date y case was opened. She saved us a great deal of time! Before our interview with USICS, Attorney Ye was serious and responsible. Even though she had to train us for the interview several times, she was never tired of going through the training. She helped us so that we were able to completely understand the entire interview process. On the day of the interview, she flew from Iowa to New Orleans and spent her precious time so that she could accompany us to the interview. Her being present made us very confident and encouraged! We greatly appreciate Attorney Ye's effort and devotion to our case, and we thank her for her hard work.  

【Posted by Ling   Rate: 5 out of 5 】

Anyone needing immigration lawyers she is the one good for you I highly recommend the Yangyidi for personal immigration lawyers she is very professional, responsive, and gave me every confidence in her handling of my case. I appreciated her explanations of the process from start to finish, and I never felt like things were happening behind the scenes without my input. She handled every aspect of the case very efficiently, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for immigration lawyers with her area of expertise.   

【Posted by Kevin    Rate: 5 out of 5 】

Yangyidi is the best attorney I have ever met. I hire her as my business attorney and she did a very good job to help my business grow. I highly recommend Yangyidi to be your attorney. Trust me, You will be amazed by her ability.  

【Posted by Lei    Rate: 4 out of 5 】

I'm very glad that I can get her help. The response always on time and the provided information is professional. I appreciate that she stands exactly my position to consider situation and problems. She and her law agency provided me with a professional and effective service to me.  

Posted by a client on April 27, 2015  Rate: 5 out of 5  Great!!!! This lawyer is very helpful, very nice and professional.  She is extremely responsible. very informative, Thanks a lot for the help sincerely!!!!!  

【Posted by yang   Rate: 5 out of 5 】

A good lawyer but more than a lawyer  A professional lawyer with a sense of responsibility. She can always think more than others and makes me feel a big trust. During the last working experience with her, the adept professional knowledge has been slowed in my case. Yangyidi Ye becomes a troubleshooter in my mind.  


Top 10 National Criminal Defense Attorneys Under Age of 40


Congratulation to Jonathan M. Causey  on being ranked as "National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys Top 10 under 40" for his excellence in the field of Criminal Law in 2017!

US-China Business Leadership Award


Causey & Ye Law, as the first nominee, received the US-China Business Leadership Award from the Iowa-China Council at the 15th anniversary of the Iowa-China Business Council and Iowa-China Business Forum.

Internatonal Community Leadership Award


Causey & Ye Law P.L.L.C. honorably received the International Community Leadership Award from Iowa Secretary of State in 2016.

Governor Volunteer Award


Iowa Chinese Lawyer, Yangyidi Ye (Causey & Ye Law P.L.L.C.) honorably received the 2015 Governor Volunteer Award from Iowa Governor.

Elite Chinese Training Campaign


Attorney Yangyidi Ye of Causey & Ye Law P.L.L.C. honorably represented Iowa State to attend the First training campaign for Elite Overseas Chinese from America, Europe, and Southeast Asia sponsored by The Overseas Chinese Office of The State Council of China

Community Business Award


Causey & Ye Law was selected for the Community Business Award of 2015

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